Welcome to the official website of Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., an internationally recognized authority on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) in children and adults who has dedicated his career to widely disseminating science-based information about ADHD. Barkley is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Virginia Treatment Center for Children and Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Richmond, VA.


This website is dedicated to providing the general public as well as mental health, medical, and educational professionals with numerous science-based lectures on ADHD. There are more than 40 hours of lecture material here. These lectures contain current, accurate information on ADHD and related topics. They are also available for free viewing in Spanish from Fundacion Educacion Activa.


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Please note that NO continuing education credits are awarded to professionals for listening to lectures on this website. However, for psychologists and social workers who would like to receive continuing education (CE) credits for viewing any lectures, please go to the following website for PsychContinuingEd.com to pay to view the same professional lectures, complete the course exam, complete the course evaluation form, and receive your accreditation certificate: http://www.psychcontinuinged.com/ADHD

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